Drunk driving impacts sorority members

Drunk driving impacts sorority members

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LUBBOCK, Texas - According to Lubbock Police, there were 341 crashes in the Lubbock city limits where alcohol was listed as a factor in 2018. This year, there have been 28.

Sororities at Texas Tech communicate through social media to make sure that number doesn't rise.

"We have a risk management team and they are always posting and telling us about drinking and driving and there's always someone out there that can pick you up no matter what, just don't get behind the wheel, so I'm sure other sororities have the same," Delta Delta Delta sorority member, Emily Best said.

While Emily Best reflected on the death of Sarah Grace Dearmond, she realized the reality of drunk driving.

"This didn't just affect her, it affected everyone she knew, her family members, her sorority sisters, and it affected me personally because I'm thinking about that situation and it could have happened to anybody, so it impacted everybody, especially around campus," Best said.

University counselors specialize in helping Tech students through trauma, especially loss.

"I think there is a different dynamic when someone is suddenly taken from us in an accident like that, it's often very shocking and leads people to feel some unease like, that could happen to anyone, that could happen to me," Director of Clinical Services at the Student Counseling Center, Lisa Viator said.

The student counseling center offers services for grieving students and staff. They are available weekdays during business hours. If you need help after hours, the crisis hotline is (806) 742-5555. 

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