Sharniece King: The only black female officer currently serving

Sharniece King: The only black female officer currently serving in the Lubbock Police Department

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The national police population is 87 percent male, and only 10 percent of all officers are African Americans, according to Data USA. 

For black, female police officers, the numbers get even smaller.

"Whenever I go on calls, typically, not only are people in shock that I'm a black, female police officer, but they're also in shock that I'm a female police officer," Sharniece King said.

Born near Orlando, Florida, Sharniece King said she grew up in law enforcement. 

"As a little girl, I remember my father studied criminal justice and that's what really inspired me from the beginning and then also a lot of my cousins in Florida are in the police field, and I always looked up to them as role models," King said.

King is the only black female police officer currently serving in Lubbock.

She said in a field that is male dominant, she wants to help create a precedent for minority officers in West Texas, and beyond. 

"I do think myself and fellow officers can set examples to change that stigma. I definitely think Lubbock is a place of equality and I believe with me being a role model, that will encourage minorities to apply for the Lubbock Police Department. I think God has blessed us all with a talent and opportunity, and it's up to us to take on that challenge, have faith and believe we can accomplish the goals in our life," King said. 

Even though she is just getting started on patrol, she said she hopes she is making a permanent impact in this area, specifically with young minorities looking to enter the field. 

"People have come up to me and told me how inspired they are, not only to see that I'm a female officer, but to see that I'm a black female officer, and that has inspired them and encouraged them to apply to the police department. So it definitely makes me feel appreciative to be able to share my experience with them and let them know that although it's small in numbers, you can still take on the challenge," King said.

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