Patriotic Restoration encourages patriotism in young Americans

Patriotic Restoration encourages patriotism in young Americans

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Started by two teachers from Texas Patriotic Restoration hopes to improve patriotism in America's youth. The non-profit consists of veterans and educators trying to teach school age children the importance of citizenship through testimonials from service members. 

Tom Yeats has been an educator for 25 years. He said over his career he noticed a lack of patriotism within the classroom. 

 "I noticed there was some students who didn't want to stand and do the pledge," he said.

He said the solution starts by teaching kids what unity is all about. 

"It's going to be we the people that change this nation. If we're going to come back, closer to our roots, it's going to take we the people," Yeats said.

He said he believes students aren't being taught properly American values in the classroom.

"They haven't been taught about the importance of education," he said. "They haven't been taught at home about being a good citizen of our country."

In a video testimony by U.S. Marine Blake Watson shares his story with video testimony through Patriotic Restoration. Watson lost his left leg above the knee while deployed in Afghanistan. For Watson, reciting the pledge of allegiance is a privilege. 

"Standing up to say the pledge of allegiance everyday at school, you should take pride in that as an American citizen. That's something, you stand up, you should be honored to be able to do that."

Watson and Yeats both encourage students of any age and background to create their own patriotic video. 

"We have a lot invested in this country and we just need to step up, and we need to do our part," Yeats said.

The non-profit will hosts it's annual golf tournament March 10. Proceeds will go towards scholarships for graduating high school students around the area. 

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