Former employee at Lubbock Medical Examiner's office files lawsu

Former employee at Lubbock Medical Examiner's office files lawsuit for wrongful termination

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

A former employee at the Lubbock Medical Examiner's Office is filing a lawsuit for wrongful termination.

Senee Graves said she witnessed suspicious child autopsies and organ harvesting while working at the medical examiner's office.

WATCH: Attorney holds news conference announcing lawsuit
The lawsuit, which contains graphic details, can be viewed here.

She said Dr. Evan Matshes and Dr. Sam Andrews sent the organs to San Diego to further Matshes's research.

"It was not taken to a supervisor within the office because the supervisor was also doing the illegal acts. By Dr. Andrews watching a non-licensed physician perform an autopsy, that makes him just as guilty," Graves said.

She reported these actions to police and Lubbock County Commissioner Jason Corley.

Then, she was terminated, she claimed in her lawsuit, for not keeping silent. 

"We're taught from a young age to always trust a doctor, they know what they're doing, but when you stop and think, like well, this is different," Graves said.

As a result, she is not only suing for wrongful termination for more than $1 million, but also emotional distress.

"Cold sweats, dreading to go into work and being assigned to the next baby case, physically throwing up when you see that there is a baby on the schedule," Graves said.

Graves said these practices did not happen until NAAG Pathology Labs stepped in, with Dr. Andrews and Dr. Matshes changing protocol.

She is filing this lawsuit against both doctors and NAAG, hoping they leave Lubbock for good.

"They've tortured and traumatized this community enough. I think it would be a wise idea for the county to reach out to the employees of the medical examiner's office to see if they could provide counseling," Graves said.

Graves added when this lawsuit is done, she said she hopes the county reinstates her position.

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