Non-profit coffeehouse remains hopeful despite burglary

Non-profit coffeehouse remains hopeful despite burglary

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Tova Coffeehouse joined the list of small businesses targeted by thieves. What makes this break-in even more upsetting for the owners, every cent of that business goes toward solving poverty in our area. 

The thieves stole $1,400. Despite this setback, the shop opens its door the same day, continuing its mission to serve our community.

"This is the world we live in," President of the non-profit Aaron Dawson said. "We should probably come to expect this and hope for better." 

Tova Coffeehouse, near 82nd and Frankford is brewed out of a desire to end poverty. 

"What can we do to really engage and expose just the average person in Lubbock to some of the things that people that are different than use face?" Dawson asked. 

Dawson is not only the president of this non-profit, but a foster parents. He said a big focus on its charity work surrounds kids.  

"We think a lot of poverty intersects at the family level," Dawson said. "It begins in the family or lack of family, and if we can kind of address it at an early age, early place, then it changes the outcomes way down the road for everybody." 

Sunday morning, while upset over the setback, Dawson simply asked for prayers.

"Just supporting saying, we love you guys, were praying for you guys, were thinking about you, that means a whole lot, that goes a long way," Dawson said.

Sara Jauregui saw the news online.  The first time customer knew she wanted to show support.

"They don't deserve it, it's make no sense to me what goes through people's minds nowadays," Jauregui said."Why attack the locals or the non-profits, or the ones that are doing any good in our community?" 

If you want to donate to Tova Coffeehouse, click here

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