Brownfield ISD approves call for $40 million bond election to cr

Brownfield ISD approves call for $40 million bond election to create new high school

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The Brownfield ISD Board of Trustees approved the call of a $40 million bond election to build a new high school Monday night, leaving the decision to Terry County voters and their ballots. 

"We have a middle school that's over 70 years old, and there's some system concerns in there with the plumbing, the sewage, the electricity and the water," Brownfield ISD Superintendent Chris Smith said.

The plan is to tear down this middle school, make the existing high school building the new middle school, and create a new high school building directly east to it. 

As a result, Smith said this would be the best of both worlds for each level. 

"This is the next step for us. We have the best academic environment for our students to prepare them for the future because again this is going to be equipped with vocational training, it's going to have everything we need to help ensure that our kids are ready for the future," Smith said.

While Smith added $40 million may seem like a steep price tag, he said this budget is formed by need, not luxury. 

"We're going to be good stewards of taxpayer money. We're not doing anything excessively. We're not doing things that aren't considered basic necessities, it's not a luxury bond. We're building a building to replace one that's over 70 years old," Smith said.

He also said with new legislation on property taxes expected to come in the near future, this was the perfect time to maximize value on an exit strategy. 

"There's still some uncertainty there of what's going to happen. We know that there's some discussions going on there, so we decided to take advantage of the market we know that exists today, rather than bet on a market that's uncertain in the future," Smith said.

The $40 million bond is set to be on the ballot on May 4. 

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