Confessed Clovis-Carver library shooter faces sentencing

Confessed Clovis-Carver library shooter faces sentencing

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CLOVIS, New Mexico -

Nathaniel Jouett was 16 when he carried out an attack at the Clovis-Carver Public Library a year and a half ago. He killed two librarians and wounded five others.

"I ask and pray that the court  to give Nathaniel Jouett a life-time sentence without parole and put him on death row for his heinous actions and all the lives he adversely changed," one father said.

The sounds of sobbing, sniffling and grief filled the Curry County courtroom.  

District Attorney Andrea Reeb introduced security footage from the night Jouett walked into the library and opened fire. She also showed a manifesto from the killer, where he says he'd been picked on and harassed. He was angry and this needed to happen.

The security footage showed Jouett walking into the library, going into the bathroom, then coming out and opening fire with two handguns.

"Nathaniel Jouett's intent is clear," Capt. Romero said. "In the video just before the shots, he walked from the bathroom to the front entrance of the library and makes a hand gesture. As he moves with purpose he seems at peace with what he's about to do. As he entered the door and the shots rang out Nathaniel Jouett yells at everyone to run."

He said First responders are still coping with that night in August 2017.

"Our community was changed that day. Our department was changed that day. Nathaniel Jouett made a choice. A choice that altered our community, destroyed lives and the innocence our community had," he said.

Among the victims, Jessica throne. She was shot through her arm and said Jouett deserves the max sentence.

"I struggled for over a year and a half trying to find where I belonged and what to do with my life. And I still struggle. I know that I belong in a library because I am passionate about the work. I am thankful to now work at Cannon Air Force Base's library," Throne said. "

"However, not a day goes by that I am not reminded Wanda is not working at the circulation desk beside me And not a single story time goes by in which I am not reminded Chrissy is not the one who is reading stories and making the children giggle."

An intense cross examination ensued questioning the diagnosis of Jouett with a personality disorder. A psychologist for the defense stated in his conclusion that Jouett couldn't function in the free world, even after treatment.

Sentencing reconvenes Tuesday, with the defense making its case for minimal time served. The maximum is two life sentences, plus 96 years in prison.

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