Open Door receives largest grant in three years to help homeless

Open Door receives largest grant in three years to help homeless people

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The Department of Housing and Urban Development awarded more than $97 million to support homeless programs across Texas. 567 thousand of that is going to Open Door's homeless program in Lubbock. It's the third year Open Door has received a grant from HUD. This year's number is the largest the non-profit has received. 

 "It allows us to provide rental assistance to help them live in apartments and homes here in Lubbock while also funding the supportive services side of our program," Open Door Executive Director Chad Wheeler said. 

Since the start of Open Door's project in 2017, chronic homelessness has been reduced by 50 percent in Lubbock. Wheeler said the program still encourages assistance from citizens. 

"It's really really important for us to make sure we still have community support and not just have the attitude that since it's a HUD funded program that we're taken care of. It still very much needs community support as well," he said.

Wheeler said the grant will help his program continue to save taxpayers millions

"The cost of keeping people on the streets because they use so many more emergency services like hospitals and jails and police and those kinds of things, when you put people in housing it actually costs less."

Open Door's goal is to maintain it's 100 percent retention rate. Each person they've housed since 2017 remains in permanent housing.

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