'A Night to Shine' honors local special needs students and their

'A Night to Shine' honors local special needs students and their families

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Students with special needs from around the Lubbock-area received the royal treatment Friday night. More than 600 churches nationwide hosted "A Night to Shine", an unforgettable prom night experience. For Officer Olivia Boggs, she shares a personal connection to the annual event.

"This is something that I can probably speak for other mothers as well that have kids with disabilities," she said. "It's just a great safe environment for the kids."

Created by the Tim Tebow Foundation, "A Night to Shine" honors young adults with special needs and disabilities.

"It's very common for us to have, you know, kids with disabilities. I know several officers on our department that do," Boggs said. 

For Bogg's daughter Alexus, it's a chance to do what she loves - dance. While students are busy on the dance floor or striking a pose, officers attend the event to ensure a safe environment. 

"Our job as officers, we can't let anybody in without a badge" Boggs said. "So, we kind of have to watch everybody and make sure that nobody slips in. So everybody has to be checked in."

For these kings and queens, Boggs said it's a night for them to socialize. 

"It's important because once they're out of school, there's not a whole of opportunities for them go go out and socialize. And so, I think that they can come to a community and dress up, you know, just have fun, dance and just let loose. I think it's great," she said.

Students are given the royal treatment from the moment they arrive, from getting glammed up, to limo rides and even walking down a red carpet. 

"Once they get done with the limo ride they come out onto the red carpet, they come out, and they get their crown. And once they do that then they'll sit down and eat dinner. And then they'll dance until it's done," Boggs said. "So, there's a lot for them to do."

Alexus has participated in "A Night to Shine" for the last four years, and as for mom, being on-duty hasn't stopped her from being involved in her daughter's life.

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