Sentencing begins Monday for the Clovis Library shooter

Sentencing begins Monday for the Clovis Library shooter

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Photo: Eastern New Mexico News Photo: Eastern New Mexico News
LUBBOCK, Texas -

It was a relatively quiet summer day in Clovis until, then, 16-year-old Nathaniel Jouett opened fire in the Clovis-Carver Public Library. 

Armed with two handguns Jouett walked into the library, fired several shots into the ceiling and then lowered his guns. While he was shooting, he was reportedly laughing and shouting, "run, why are you running?"

By the time the shooting stopped, 61-year-old Wanda Walters and 48-year-old Kristina Carter, both librarians, were dead. 10-year-old Noah Molina, his 21-year-old sister Alexis, 53-year-old Howard Jones, and 30-year-old Jessica Throne were all seriously injured.

Jouett was arrested after the shooting without incident. The victims were rushed to UMC in Lubbock.

Alexis was shot three times, once near her heart, in her right leg and in her left knee. Jones was shot in the forearm, and Throne was shot in her upper left arm. Noah's injuries were not released at the request of the family.

A year later Jouett pleaded guilty to all 30 felony charges, including two counts of first degree murder. 

His attorney filed a motion asking the court to conduct a hearing and to find Jouett amenable to treatment. This would have allowed him to enter a rehab facility and be released when he is 21. The judge denied the hearing and ruled he would be sentenced as an adult.

Sentencing for Jouett begins Monday in Clovis. He faces up to two life sentences plus 96 years in prison. 

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