Stalking victim speaks out, warns others

Stalking victim speaks out, warns others

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

7.5 million people are victims of stalking in the U.S. each year. Within the past month, a radio DJ in our region is among them. 

"I've been doing radio for 21 years," DJ Amy Olivares said. "Never did I think a listener would become a stalker."

The listener began bringing her gifts, dropping off flowers, then eventually asked her out. When Olivares said no, what seemed to be an eager fan, soon felt more like a predator.

"He broke into my home, stole my undergarments, my panties, to catching me asleep, taking pictures of me while I'm at home asleep in bed, even next to my boyfriend," Olivares said.

It was through social media, Olivares said he got her number and location, and began to send her threatening messages. She quickly got the police involved. After a few attempts, she said he was arrested and charged for stalking. 

However, $300 later, he made bail and is out again. 

"Within this ordeal in the past week, week and a half, I've moved three times," Olivares said. 

In support, members from the Voice of the Missing, rallied near 50th and University to get the word out.

"We've gone to her home and we've actually been there with her so she doesn't feel scared, you know, the thing is, he's victimized her to where she's afraid to get out," founder Nina Valdez said.

Valdez said Olivares came to her a few weeks ago, frightened, but willing to warn others. 

"It starts with stalking, you know, and obsession, and a lot of times it ends up in murder," Valdez said.

Olivares said she is now licensed to carry and is awaiting a call from the district attorney's office regarding more charges. However, until he is in jail again, she remains fearful.

"I know I'm not the first because he's too comfortable with what he's doing," Olivares said. "I know I'm not going to be the last so, before somebody really gets hurt, me or anybody the next victim, I hope he goes to jail and he goes to jail for good."

If you or somebody you know is experiencing stalking you can call (855-484-2846) for a national stalking hotline. If you are in immediate danger, call 911. 

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