Lubbock mayor delivers 2019 State of the City address, linking j

Lubbock mayor delivers 2019 State of the City address, linking job growth and infrastructure

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope delivered his annual State of the City address Tuesday afternoon, focusing on what is next for Lubbock.

He said one of those next steps is infrastructure, including projects like Loop 88.

District 5 City Councilman Randy Christian said its impact to Lubbock will be just as prominent as Loop 289. 

"Loop 88, from beginning to the end of that project, you'll see that southwest, southern portion of the city all the way up to Shallowater, it will transform our entire city," Christian said.

Because of infrastructure projects like Loop 88, Eddie McBride, president of the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, said this will bring more business and jobs to the city. 

"The importance of job growth is that the more jobs that are created, there's more opportunity for economic vitality to co-exist and flow through the community. So job growth is something vital for our future," McBride said.

As a result, Mayor Pope said infrastructure and job growth are tied together as the two most important factors for Lubbock's development.

"Lubbock's vibrant job market continues to be the foundation of our economy. I'd like to say anyone who wants a job can find one in Lubbock," Pope said.

Other points in his address included the development of Buddy Holly Hall, as well as an increased emphasis on public safety in neighborhoods.  

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