Southcrest Christian to become Lubbock's first four-day week sch

Southcrest Christian to become Lubbock's first four-day week school

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Southcrest Christian School will institute the first four-day week school in Lubbock next year, sparking both curiosity and questions.

The school began researching four-day school weeks last year, looking at other schools for precedent. 

Its research on this model showed fewer absences, better preparation for instruction, and less interruption for extracurricular activities. 

The school showed parents the idea in October and finalized the plan this week.

"We presented the research to them. They began to get excited about the idea because of what it can bring, not only to our students as learners, but because what it can bring to their families, the value that it can bring to them," Linda Merriott, Southcrest Christian School superintendent, said.

The school day will extend 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the grade level, to fulfill the state's required amount of instructional time.

Southcrest Christian Elementary Principal Shonda Mayer said another aspect of the research shows this model will allow for more time to thoroughly teach difficult, core concepts. 

"So often, our teachers say, I was right there and we were just about to do something really amazing in our classroom, and then I ran out of time. So for our elementary classrooms, it means just more time to soak it in and then take the content and apply it," Mayer said.

In addition, Superintendent Linda Merriott said Southcrest Christian will expand its digital classroom, where students will be able to learn and interact through an online platform. 

"We know that we need to teach a little differently, so we've been researching and looking at innovative ways that we could do in school. Sometimes, you look at schools and they're still doing school the way I did it when I was a child. What we want to do is teach our learners in the way they best learn," Merriott said.

Speaking of which, Southcrest Christian Secondary Principal Susie Driscoll said this extra day gives high school students more time for dual-credit, online college courses. 

"In high school, we have a lot of students who do dual-credit. We often have students who graduate from Southcrest with an Associate's degree from South Plains College, and so having an extra day of study time and an extra day of having those dual-credit classes, most of which are online, that gives them an extra day," Driscoll said.

In fact, Driscoll said the schedule will be similar to the college environment: More in-depth instruction and less class days.

"We do kind of a hybrid block. So, some of our classes are every other day and some of our shorter classes are every day. So most of those dual-credit classes are in those block periods," Driscoll said.

At all grade levels, Mayer said this move is ultimately to prepare students for real-world application. 

"We're educating future adults, and our future adults are going to be involved in careers that aren't all 8 to 5, Monday through Friday. They are shift work, nighttime work, they're 10-hour shifts with their three-day weekends. So our most important goal, obviously, is students and families," Mayer said.

As the school is set to move from five to four day weeks, Superintendent Merriott says the school will provide child care each Friday for working parents.

The new four day school week schedule will begin January 8th.

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