Look Around Lubbock: Lubbock Meals on Wheels

Look Around Lubbock: Lubbock Meals on Wheels

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Lubbock Meals on Wheels has a new construction addition that allows them to increase their services. With the help of over 1,200 volunteers, Lubbock Meals on Wheels serves over 700 meals each day and over 160 meals each weekend in the Lubbock community. Lubbock Meals on Wheels coordinates with local resources and implements programming to help clients who are home bound or need assistance to leave, unable to prepare a well-balanced meal each day, and does not have anyone who is available to prepare meals for him or her.  

Each service day, Lubbock Meals on Wheels provides a meal that includes a meat entree, two servings of vegetables or fruit, bread and/or dessert. For people with special diets, sugar-free desserts, soft meals, and vegetarian meals are offered. For many of the home bound recipients, the volunteer from Lubbock Meals on Wheels may be the only person they see each day, so the daily human contact is important. The Lubbock Meals on Wheels Pet Program feeds many dogs and cats that provide valuable companionship to recipients of meals. Volunteers deliver dry dog and cat food every other week to the pets of meal recipients who are unable to provide pet food for their furry friends. Donations of dry dog and dry cat food are always needed. Fresh flowers donated by Lubbock Wholesale Florist are delivered most Fridays. For birthdays, a birthday surprise consisting of a cake and card are delivered. Magazines, books, and other reading materials are also delivered with meals. Weekend meals are provided to clients who have no access to, or assistance with meals over the weekend, when Lubbock Meals on Wheels is closed.

For more information: https://lubbockmealsonwheels.org/.

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