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From the Hobbs Chamber of Commerce:

Hobbs is the gateway to New Mexico—the Land of Enchantment. Hobbs is the largest municipality in Lea County, the southeastern-most county of New Mexico’s 33 counties, and situated on the far western edge of the Llano Estacado. Like much of southern New Mexico, the Hobbs area represents the best of the “high desert,” with its blue skies and warm sunshine. The Hobbs area exhibits a truly multicultural heritage: Native American legacy, cowboy legend, farming traditions and Hispanic culture. With their agricultural roots and pioneer spirits, Lea County residents are surrounded by folklore and Western mythology, all enshrined in its museums and libraries. Amateur archaeologists can still find arrowheads left behind by the native people, including the Comanche and Apache Indians, who once ruled over these vast plains.

Geology buffs can see fossils embedded in the nearby Caprock, evidence of the different levels of the ancient Permian Sea. Among the most distinct pieces of evidence of the eons of evolution that occurred here is the complete skeleton of a wooly mammoth in southern Lea County. Caving enthusiasts can enjoy one of the most magnificent underground caverns in the world, just a short drive away at Carlsbad Caverns. Working cowboys still roam the range, herding cattle and mending fences. Of course, the ever-present oil wells dot the horizon, reminding us of the rich black gold that helps provide many of the amenities we enjoy in Hobbs. As pump jacks slowly sway back and forth, kissing the ground and then the sky, their constant slow rhythm complements the solemn stillness of the otherwise uninterrupted landscape, which yields the rich booty buried below.

Although Lea County has miles upon miles of open range, with endless horizons dotted by cattle and rows of pump jacks that are mirrored by the infamous clear sky, its five municipalities are Meccas of activity and progressive thinking. While each city is fiercely independent and proud of its own accomplishments, all five communities work closely together to provide excellent educational facilities, business opportunities, cultural events and a collective quality of life that is second to none.

Come and join us in this most-enchanted corner of the Land of Enchantment.

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