Field to fiber, fiber to yarn, yarn to fabric; TTU hosts Texas I

Field to fiber, fiber to yarn, yarn to fabric; TTU hosts Texas International Cotton School

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Some years there's more than 3 million acres of cotton in this area, the largest in the world, according to Texas A&M Agrilife Extension. Texas Tech's capitalizing on that uniting students with producers from all facets of the industry to teach. For the next two weeks Texas Tech's Fiber and Biopolymer Research Institute is hosting the Texas International Cotton School along with the Lubbock Cotton Exchange.

This two week program will teach everything cotton, from seed to fabric through a series of  classes, lectures, tours, and hands on interaction. 

"We will go a little further and we will talk about marketing for cotton as well,"said Annalisa Clark, Texas International Cotton School coordinator. "We will have other cotton companies as well, will have PIMA and OLAM come in and they are talking about their product and what they do and how they use it."

Molly Vardeman's from Slaton, her family has been growing cotton for decades so she knows the growing phase. She said during this two week program she hopes to learn what happens after the cotton is ginned.

"It's important for everyone to be very well informed about the product," said Vardeman. "It's goods for people to know the sustainability of it and how vital it is for areas like this where our main industry is cotton, like this place wouldn't be here without farmers."  

Since the inception of this program 38 years ago, more than 600 students from 60 countries and 17 U.S. states have attended the course.

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