Employment numbers rise in Lubbock

Employment numbers rise in Lubbock

LUBBOCK, Texas -

While there has been job growth in professional and business services, the national unemployment rate increase to 4%. 

Workforce Solutions CEO Martin Aguirre says seasonal trends play a big role in the increased number of jobs. 

 "You're always going to have lower unemployment rates and higher job growth numbers in the summer. You've got construction that is up, sales are up, graduations have just occurred whether it's high school or college so your car sales are up," Aguirre said. 

Eddie McBride, the chamber's CEO says this will bring more opportunities for new jobs to be created, and will give hope to those who have given up looking for work. 

"The economy is showing so many good signs of recovery. As far as what's being reported, it's obviously the increase of wealth that's being generated through the tax cuts and job creations that are coming through those activities," McBride said. 

McBride says it isn't hard to find a job, and people might not be looking in the right places. 

"We need more skilled labor, if somebody needs to get better jobs they need to get better skills. That's not bad because we have such a low unemployment rate that anyone who is looking for a job has either found one or hasn't been looking in the right places yet," McBride said. 

Since the President's election, 3.7 million jobs have been created and wage growth has stayed steady at 2.7 %. 

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