Child killer's family believes justice has not been served

Child killer's family believes justice has not been served

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Days after a jury handed down Yvonne Gonzales's fate, her family grieved what they said is equivalent to losing a child.

Gonzales is serving a 99-year sentence for killing 4-year-old Alyrah Sanchez. In November of 2015, Gonzales was dating Alyrah's father when the child died of blunt force trauma. Gonzales was just 19-years-old at the time.

Prosecutors for the case are happy with the outcome. The 99-year sentence means Gonzales will be locked up for at least half of that time until she is eligible for parole. 

However, her family disagreed with the jury's decision.

"Would you want your sibling to get away from you for 99 years?" Yvette Gonzales, Yvonne's younger sister, said.

 Jurors heard Gonzales's younger sister testify on day two of the sentencing phase. Yvette Gonzales said her sister was never a violent person.

"She is not this evil person that everybody claims her to be," Yvette said. "She is not evil, that is not who she is."
Yvette said there are multiple factors that could have led up to the brutal killing.
"She was depressed," Yvette said. "You know she was a maid, a house wife. She was getting abused, and she snapped. She snapped."

Gonzales's mother, Judy, said she believes Alyrah should not have been placed in her daughter's care from the start.

"The system failed Alyrah, for them placing her in my daughter's care at a very young age," Judy said. "There is just so much to the story that led up to all of this. I'm not making excuses, but I mean, what does an 18-year-old know? And I feel like Alyrah was not given a chance."

The family said they believe Issac Sanchez, Alyrah's father, should have noticed the warning signs of child abuse. However, Sanchez's family said they believe Gonzales is getting what she deserves.
 "We know the truth, you know what I mean, and a person like that does not belong out there and it is important that they be in there for that period of time," Danielle Trigo, Alyrah's aunt, said.

 Yvette said her sister thinks about Alyrah every day and constantly feels pain from what she did to a child she considered her own.

"I mean, there is no justification for what she did," Yvette said. "That is not what we are trying to do, there is no justification. It is not right what she did and she understands that and she is going to have to pay for it." 

Gonzales is held in the Lubbock County Detention Center. Her attorney, Charles Chambers said they will likely file for an appeal. 

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