Volunteers wrap up Anton storm damage clean-up

Volunteers wrap up Anton storm damage clean-up

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

It has been a long year for the residents in the small town of Anton, they have been left picking up the pieces from a storm that ripped through their community.

"It affected every resident. Every roof, it got windows, it got siding," said Blake Cate, Anton Mayor.

Cate said the storm was just the beginning of the problems for his town. 

Most people are uninsured and do not have the funds to make the repairs. 

"There was just a lot of clean up and assessment of what the damage was and prioritizing homes of those, we had a prioritization issue," said Richard Alires, director of Volunteer Organization Active in Disaster (VOAD). "Over the, about 85 to 90 percent of the people didn't have insurance so there was a real problem so we were able to get a lot of donations that came into the city and since that time we've been taking those prioritized homes one at a time and replacing windows, replacing roofs, and just doing them one house at a time."

Now, after 12 months of hard work Alires and his troops are now done.

"This is the final one, the final one where we're wrapping and going through the community and cleaning up one more time as well as we're going to be cleaning some fire hydrants so just helping the community one final time," he said.

"Tree limbs and everything that's blown off that nobody has had the time to do for the past year, the volunteers are coming to help pick up and clean that up," Cate said.

In the wake of the destruction not all is lost though. The people in Anton are grateful for all the help to get them back on their feet.

"It's amazing, really it's unbelievable that the South Plains can step up in aide of a city for their neighbor and I think they call this neighbor helping neighbor," Cate said. "It's literally just amazing and as far as the city is concerned it's more than anything we could've asked for."

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