More than 115 people die each day from opioid related overdoses

More than 115 people die each day from opioid related overdoses

LUBBOCK, Texas -

More than 115 people die each day from opioid related overdoses, and those numbers are increasing.

Danny and June Koch lost their son Jay to a heroine overdose in November.

"It's the rich, it's the famous, it's the poor, it's the ones with no voices. It is something effecting everyone. So, if it happened to us, it can happen to someone else's family," Danny Koch said.

Charles Seifert, A Texas Tech Pharmacy professor, is confident in the abilities of the antidote.

"We need to have a strong effort to get Naloxone into the hands of people who need it. It comes in a dosage formulation that is easy to use with a little bit of training," Seifert said.  

Robin Casey, who counsels addicts, advises them to take advantage of the resources close by.

"Deal with somebody face to face, check their credentials to see who they are. We would not ever turn anyone away here that would call to see what's available," Casey said.

"Clearly Broken" written by Jay Koch, is a collection of his poems, with some of those penned right before his death.

All of the proceeds from the book go towards Judge William Sowder's Freedom Court, a program providing a rehabilitation alternative instead of prison.

"It's all built on a lot of research, A lot of positive reinforcement as opposed to warehousing people into a penitentiary where nobody gets any treatment and then they do their time, get out and get back to doing what they're doing," Sowder said.

The results of the freedom court so far have been impressive.

"Our stats show that we're having a 50-80 percent success rate on this. Considering the nastiness of addiction, those are pretty good numbers," Sowder said.

"We want to help other families. We don't want to make them go through the agony of a mother finding their son who had died by an overdose in his bedroom. He died by himself with no one around, then his mother found him. And June found Jay," Koch said.

Koch's book is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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