Texas Tech reveals prospective Coliseum post-demolition plans

Texas Tech reveals prospective Coliseum post-demolition plans

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

City Council certified Prop A, placing the fate of the Municipal Coliseum and Auditorium in Texas Tech's purview. So both proponents and defenders of the old buildings have wondered, what will the university administration do with them? 

Texas Tech President Lawrence Schovanec said eventually it will be demolished and Tech will build a dorm catered to athletics. 

"Now you can't have a dormitory exclusively devoted to athletes," Schovanec said. "The NCAA regulation requires it be less than 50 percent but we have already begun to look into the possibility of having a dormitory there with a large presence of student athletes."

He said is it prime location for those students and the athletic department.

"It would work well with the football training facility, the dining facility that's going to be built and then also we'd eventually think about moving the Drive of Champions North," Schovanec said. "So that could accommodate some planned renovations and expansions to the baseball facility." 

Demolition is not cheap. It will cost Tech around 4 million dollars. Schovanec said the university's working on an updated, detailed cost analysis. 

"It's going to be there for at least a year, then we'll look into the demolition," Schovanec said. "We're gonna have to raise some money to build the facilities that were talking about, this is not going to happen over night."

While you will not see changes for the next two to three years, Schovanec said by that time, more housing will be crucial. 
"I think we can all agree that those two facilities aren't the prettiest buildings in Lubbock," Schovanec said. "So this is going to add to the overall aesthetic appeal to our campus overall besides serving a real functional service." 

Schovanec said he expects the fall enrollment to exceed last years, with more than 37,000 students. 

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