Game wardens arrest pair connected to Lynn County poaching case

Game wardens arrest pair connected to Lynn County poaching case

John Redecop, 21 John Redecop, 21
Jacob Hildebrand, 22 Jacob Hildebrand, 22

A Lynn County grand jury indicts two men on charges of illegally killing three mule deer.

A tip came in on Jan. 6 to one of the local game wardens that several mule deer have been shot at night, obviously out of season. 

A Twitter photo that was taken down led game wardens to Jacob Hildebrand and John Redecop, who have been charged with multiple counts of poaching.

"Any time you get out of season pressures, especially at night with illegal poaching, which is what we've got going on here, yeah that really hurts our population in that area," Game Warden Public Information Officer Aaron Sims said. 

"They are facing additional charges as well," Sims said. Each individual is facing three state jail felonies for the three deer that were taken without consent on that landowners property and then an additional eight class A misdemeanors and this is for each deer that was taken at night. 

Hildebrand and Redecop are waiting on the felony trial date. The state's filing a civil restitution suit for the loss of the deer, totaling more than eleven thousand dollars. 

(Press Release)

Lubbock district game wardens have filed multiple charges against two men for their alleged role in the illegal killing of three mule deer bucks in Western Lynn County.

Upon further investigation and evidence collection, it was determined that two men, Jacob Hildebrand, 22, of Terry County and John Redecop, 21, of Dawson County had allegedly killed three mule deer bucks at night, and on private property without permission. Additionally, the individuals allegedly hunted the deer with a spotlight and dumped the carcasses in a wasteful manner leading to additional charges of hunting with the aid of an artificial light and waste of game.

The arrests were made Sunday April 15th, following grand jury indictments of the two men that were filed April 3rd. In total, each individual has been charged with 3 state jail felonies, and 8 Class A misdemeanors. Additionally, civil restitution has been filed for the loss of the deer, which totals approximately $11,237.

On Saturday, January 6th, local wardens received information regarding several mule deer bucks that had been shot at night. The team of wardens quickly followed up on the information and soon the investigation spanned across four separate counties and involved multiple parties.

The deer were shot in Lynn County, East of the Terry county line. Terry County’s mule deer season ended on November 26th of last year and Lynn County has no legal season to hunt mule deer.

Lubbock district public information officer Aaron Sims explains that despite perception that poaching is thought to have been something of the past, incidents like this occur throughout the year.

“By far, the majority of hunters today follow the law and work to preserve wildlife for future generations. Unfortunately, there are individuals that roll the dice and take a chance at being caught hunting illegally. Area wardens often patrol late at night to deter these types of illegal activities. Fortunately, landowners, farmers, and good sportsmen assist wardens by keeping their eyes and ears open, and report possible suspicious activity.”

Sims wants people to know that any future crimes such as this will be fully investigated and charges will be filed to the fullest extent of the law. Tips can be anonymously reported via the Operation Game Thief hotline by calling 1-800-792-4263. OGT offers rewards of up to $1,000.00 for information leading to the arrest and conviction for a wildlife crime

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