Young entrepreneur creates 3D printed earrings

Young entrepreneur creates 3D printed earrings

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Lubbock Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneurs Academy teaches middle and high schoolers how to start their own business. They are given the opportunity to pitch their plan to local investors and compete in regional and national competitions.

Kevin Bash won the academy's Saunders Scholars competition and received $1,800. He owns Kevin Michael Jewelry, selling 3D printed earrings online and in stores. 

"I have it in Tornado Gallery and then in the Red Barn Ranch," Bash said."We're looking in a few more stores to add it in the next week or so." 

Bash said he got the idea when he made his mom earrings for her birthday. After she received several compliments, he decided to start his business. 

Shortly after, he joined "YEA". He said it was helpful receiving guidance from local business owners like Melissa Grimes with Studio West.

"It really like gives me an outline of what I should look for if I want to start another business, so I know how to start it and how to write a business plan," Bash said. 

He said his business is gaining momentum. He will now be able to purchase a new printer with the money he won. 

"I presented all the earrings that I had and then we had our five minute speech, and that's kinda of the main thing we presented and the main think that set me apart from that is that I had 800 dollars of sales already," Bash said. 

Next month, he will travel to New York to compete for college scholarships with about 70 students from across the U.S. 

"Most of the time young people are the ones that can think outside the box," Bash said. "So I think giving the opportunity for young people to grow their mind is good." 

Bash said his next goal is to create necklaces and charms. 

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