Danger is always lurking within social media and mobile apps

Danger is always lurking within social media and mobile apps

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Lubbock's federal grand jury indicted a former Spur ISD coach for enticement of a minor, court documents indicate the child's mother found out about the illicit messages using an app that monitored her daughter's messages. While a lot of kids think Snapchat and other direct messaging apps are fun and games there's always dangerous lurking.

"Children don't know the dangers that they are getting into when they open an app," said Derek Danners, executive director of the Children Advocacy Center here in Lubbock. "They don't know who is on the other side of the app that they are talking to in a chat room, what they are capable of and what there intention is." 

The Texas Department of State Health Services notes some common red flag apps, it reports Kik, is often used for sexting among teens.The state suggests that the Live.ly app allows predators to view victims in an unedited and intimate moments. The most common Snapchat, it allows users to send photos and videos that vanish after viewing.

"Any kind of app that you can communicate privately one on one without everyone seeing it I think those are kind of a red flag for people who have younger children," said Olivia Boggs, family crime investigator with the Lubbock police department. "I think as a parent I think it's important that you monitor those conversations, I think you just need to have that open line of communication." 

Danners said it's important to educate yourself about the dangers that exist, online predators try to stay one step ahead of law enforcement. To learn how to check your children's browser history on all social media platforms and mobile apps visit. http://www.netsmartz.org/


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