Crisis team counsels neighbors affected by house explosion

Crisis team counsels neighbors affected by house explosion

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The Victim Service Crisis Team visited neighbors the following week after the deadly fire and explosion. They knocked on doors, offering neighbors psychological counseling to help cope with fear and anxiety.  

Coordinator Andy Young said it was important to check on the neighbors. The team consists of 35 volunteer mental health professionals contracted through the city. 

"It's attached to the patrol division at the police department and we'll be on a patrol shift on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights and respond to calls as officers see fit," Young said. "Be a death or an abuse call or things like that, or a traumatic event like an explosion."

Young said explosions are less common, but just as traumatizing as a homicide or shooting. 

"Having an explosion across your street, having it affect your home, rock your home and people being injured and even killed by it, that can rock somebody just like any sort of shooting," Young said. 

He said it is okay to reach out for help.

"These abnormal situations cause people sometimes to feel like they're going crazy," Young said, "You know all the fear reactions, questions, things that come up, and so to be able to talk it through and also be able to realize, okay it's the circumstance that's making me feel crazy, it's not I who is crazy, that seems to help people get back to normal function quicker as well." 

Young said only a few neighbors accepted the counseling and it allowed them to talk things out.

"It's also helpful just to feel supported after something like this crazy happens," Young said.

To volunteer, you must be a mental health professional and undergo special training through LPD. The counselors will return if any neighbors want to talk.

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