Eppler: "Thoroughbreds" is a knockout

Eppler: "Thoroughbreds" is a knockout

"Thoroughbreds" is a pitch-dark comedy thriller - a savage satire of white millennial privilege that comes out of nowhere. The movie is anchored by two fantastic performances by Olivia Cooke from "Bates Motel" and Anya Taylor-Joy from "Split." They're childhood friends recently reconnected in high school. 

The characters are so well defined, which is what makes the movie pops. Cooke might be a sociopath. Joy may seem more stable on the surface, but she hides a dark side brought out by an obnoxious step-father, played by Paul Sparks. So the girls hatch a plan kill him.

The dearly-departed Anton Yelchin (in his final film role) reminds us how special an actor he was. He's hilarious as a low-rent drug dealer the girls think about hiring for the job.

Where the movie goes from here, I'll never tell. But I will say the script by first-time director Cory Finley is consistently surprising, suspenseful and ferociously funny. The movie never lets you get too comfortable with an unnerving soundtrack and characters capable of seemingly anything.

"Thoroughbreds" is my favorite movie of 2018 so far. It's not just a smack across the face for the "me, me, me" generation. It's a knockout. 

RATING: * * * *


* * * * * Incredible - One of the best of the year
* * * * Excellent - Touches greatness with only minor quibbles
* * * Good - Plenty to like, definitely worth seeing
* * Mediocre - You can do better
* Awful  - The worst, an insult to movies


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