In light of attempted kidnapping, how to defend yourself

In light of attempted kidnapping, how to defend yourself

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Lubbock police are still searching for the suspect who attempted to kidnap a 20-year-old female at her home in 5700 block of 62nd street. According to the police report, she kicked her way free, ran inside, and called for help.

Kristi Wuensche, a former police officer and self-defense instructor said she did the right thing.

"The fact that she actually fought back is what prevented her from getting kidnapped," Wuensche said. 

She said unfortunately, most people do not fight back.

"There's fight, flight, and freeze, and most people freeze," Wuensche said. 

Wuensche said her goal as an instructor is to prepare women both mentally and physically.

"More than likely, a women would not be able to overcome a man's strength," Wuensche said. "Unless she knows where to strike, and she has the upper hand, knowing how to strike." 

She teaches 13 vital striking points. They can be used in several variations that injure an attacker enough for someone to escape. 

"We teach how to fight from the ground," Wuensche said. "We teach how to fight standing, how to use all the weapons on your own body, which are elbows, fists, knees, kicks, you know your feet." 

She said once you take a course, the training should not stop there.

"Even if you don't have someone to train with, mentally go through these techniques that you've learned," Wuensche said. "Mental is huge, it's what all professional athletes, Olympic athletes do, they mentally prepare themselves, they see the fight, or they see the course before they actually run it." 

Wuensche, along with a male instructor will be teaching a three day self-defense course open to both men and women. The dates are April 5th, 10th and 12th at UMC Activities Center. To register, you can visit the center at 5217 82nd St. or call 806-783-8829. 

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