Sen. Sanders: 'West Texans can change political climate'

Sen. Sanders: 'West Texans can change political climate'

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

It was a full house at the Civic Center, as former presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders spoke to a mixed crowd. "Our Revolution Texas" hosted the Vermont senator in an effort to build a strong progressive movement. 

The senator riled up the crowd, touching on multiple issues important to young voters such as medicare, affordable higher-education, and common sense gun laws.

"I think what people all over this country, what parents who are sending their kids off to school everyday are saying, we may not be able to completely solve this problem, but we have got to do everything that we can," Sanders said. 

He even targeted gun shows, a common practice in the area. 

"If we believe in background checks, which the vast majority of Americans do, gun owners, non-gun owners alike, believe, " Sanders said. "Then why do we continue to have a gun show loophole, which allows millions of guns shows without any background check at all." 

Stetes Bryant came all the way from North Texas to witness his speech. Bryant said he was an organizer for Bernie's 2016 campaign and joined him on stage, along with South Plains Democrats running for office. 

"It just goes to prove that people are upset with the ways things are going for this country, and that's not just limited to democrats," Bryant said. "It affects Republicans and it affects everyone in this country and I think that goes to show that somebody willing to stand up against an establishment in our government, is worth being heard." 

Sanders ended his speech with a message of unity.

"What our job seems to be, is to bring all our people together, the working people, the middle class, the low-income people who are struggling, to stand up together, to demand a government that represents all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors," Sanders said. 

Lubbock was the last stop in his Texas tour, after San Antonio and South by Southwest in Austin.

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