Arrington supports Trump trade efforts, says 'accountability is

Arrington supports Trump trade efforts, says 'accountability is coming' for VA

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Lubbock Congressman Jodey Arrington says the president's instincts are right when it comes to protecting the nation's trade interests.

"There's a lot of ways that a country can cheat, and put American manufacturers and producers out of business," he said. "What we have to be careful to do -- and I think the president is being measured in his response -- is not have a blanket sort of tariff response that may have unintended consequences for our partners-- our trade partners -- in other parts of the world that are not the bad actors."

Arrington says China is the biggest culprit in poor trade practices and he's concerned about its trading efforts in food and fiber production.

He says these tariffs are a way to hold it and other countries accountable for unfair trade.

The congressman also has a message for unions in the Veterans Affairs Administration: accountability is coming. 

"I'm not stopping, I'm not quitting, I'm not giving up on this issue, I'm coming for everybody on this until it's fixed."

He's appealing to commanders of the National Veterans of Foreign Wars Organization to help him get more legislation passed. He wants to limit the amount of time employees can spend on union activities, none for anyone in direct patient care and up to 25 percent of the employee's time on the clock otherwise.

"There ain't anyone in West Texas I've talked to, veteran, taxpayer or otherwise, that believes somebody spending 100% of their time on anything -- anything -- other than the job they were hired to do to serve the veterans is reasonable, necessary, and in the best interest of the public. I've got one word for it: outrageous."

He cites a government accountability office report indicating 340 VA employees, including high level administrators, spend 100 percent of their time on the clock on union activities.

The report also indicates the VA doesn't have any system in place to track how employees use their time.

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