Appeals court rules professor's suit against Tech will move forw

Appeals court rules professor's suit against Tech will move forward

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The Seventh District Court of Appeals rules a trial court must hear a lawsuit filed by a professor against Texas Tech.

James Wetherbe is suing the university, claiming the Rawls College of Business refused to consider him for positions due to his critical views on academic tenure.

That's the right to keep a faculty position for as long as the educator wants it.

Texas Tech administration tried to get the suit thrown out due to sovereign immunity, specifically claiming Wetherbe's speech isn't a matter of public concern.

The court of appeals ruled Wetherbe's unique experiences, including rejecting tenure as a professor, make his opinions on it a public concern.

In a statement, the plaintiff's attorney, Fernando Bustos said "the issue is not whether Dr. Wetherbe is qualified for tenure. He has been tenured four times at four major universities, including Texas Tech, but has rejected tenure as a matter of principle since he is speaking out against it."

The case has been remanded to a trial court for further proceedings.

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