Man indicted for deadly hit-and-run crash

Man indicted for deadly hit-and-run crash

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Lubbock County Grand Jury indicts Melvin Keele, 46 on failure to stop and render aid and a felony. 

Keele, accused of running over and killing a teenager last month said he thought he ran over a dog. In an arrest warrant, Keele said he was driving and collided with an unknown object he assumed was a dog. He said he checked his mirror and did not see anything in the road and kept going. 

In a warrant, Keele said he eventually parked his truck at Walmart and went to get groceries and then came out and noticed the damage to his truck. He then called a friend to take him home. 

Upon questioning by police, Keele said he would have stopped if he had known he hit 18-year-old Joey Augero and he had no reason to believe a person was in the road. Keele did not return to the scene to check what he hit.

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