Whataburger donates more than $76,000 to Children's Miracle Netw

Whataburger donates more than $76,000 to Children's Miracle Network

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Whataburger makes a big donation to provide for children's care in our area.

The fast food chain gave more than $76,000 to the Children's Miracle Network, part of which directly benefits UMC Children's Hospital.

A Miracle Child, Austin, was part of the ceremony because donations like these are personal for him.

"One of the things that helped to save Austin's life that particular week was a brand new cooling blanket, that we had purchased with the funds from donors. The doctors will tell you that without that piece of life saving equipment that week, we wouldn't have this fully functioning -- trust me, I've seen him in action -- kinda guy."

This is the first time Whataburger has donated specifically to the West Texas Children's Miracle Network, selecting the nonprofit agency because it ensures the money stays in this area.

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