Talkington senior's project teaches about fire safety

Talkington senior's project teaches about fire safety

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A senior project is teaching an important life lesson for kids.

Alyssabeth Pinkert, a student at the Talkington School for Young Women Leaders, will instruct 6th grade students how to extinguish a fire in case of an emergency. 

Se hopes students will react instinctively to a possible fire, and says putting out blazes is something she'll consider in her future. 

"Firefighting is like a backup job for me," she said. "I really like the career as a whole, I feel like its very brave and very important and i just want to shed light. I'm passionate about it because it seems like they're doing a great job that we all need.

Pinkert's teaming up with the Lubbock Fire Department to share the message. She's also raising money for the Lubbock Fire Rescue Benevolence fund.

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