Bacteria on your skin may be protecting you

Bacteria on your skin may be protecting you

Bacteria that lives on your skin's surface may be protecting you from cancer. Researchers from the University of California, San Diego say one particular strain of bacteria commonly found on our skin appears to help ward off skin cancer. 

In a study done on mice, researchers injected cancerous tumor cells with a compound known as 6-HAP. It resulted in the reduced growth of some types of cancer. Then they injected one of two types of staph bacteria into a pool of mice exposed to a particularly aggressive form of cancer. One type of the bacteria produced the 6-HAP, the other did not.

Mice injected with the bacteria that did not produce the 6-HAP experienced rapid tumor growth, but those with the bacteria that produced the 6-HAP saw a significant drop off in the growth of cancerous tumor cells.

Study authors say their findings suggest this bacteria may help guard against the development of skin cancer.

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