Texas teacher's group against arming educators

Texas teacher's group against arming educators

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President Trump's plan to arm teachers is already implemented in Texas. More than 100 districts across the state allow staff to conceal carry.

That runs contrary to the beliefs of the Texas State Teachers Association, a lobbying organization for Texas educators, whose leadership says putting guns in the classroom is not wise. 

"There are just so many variables that can happen," Lauren Kern said. "What if it accidentally gets accessed or if there's a fight that breaks out between students and they get ahold of that gun. You never know what's going to happen and I personally, as a teacher, would not want to step in and make the decision to use a gun or not."

Kern says schools around the region already do a great job protecting students and that money spent training teachers on how to shoot an armed intruder would be better served elsewhere in the classroom.

"We go into this profession to teach kids, to help teach future generations, to help kids learn and so not that we don't want to keep our kids safe but that's a huge responsibility on teachers and our association feels like more money should be spent on counseling and mental health issues versus arming teachers.

No action has been taken on nationwide teacher carry.

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