DPS offers free active shooter training

DPS offers free active shooter training

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When it comes to having a plan, troopers say every business or public building needs an active shooter plan and they will train you for free.

State troopers hold an Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training seminar to train more than 100 officers and civilians in response tactics.

Those officers will return to their communities between Amarillo and Midland and provide that same training to anyone who wants it.

"We want to get people out of the mindset that something bad is not possible, that it could happen," DPS Lt. Bryan Witt said. "We don't want people to live in fear, we want them to live in confidence that they can survive an actor shooter encounter."

The training involves how to build and practice a response plan focusing on three response types: avoid -- which is just to run away; deny -- or barricade yourself or the shooter; and fight back.

"You have to do something when an active shooter comes in," he said. "If you do nothing, that's what the active shooter wants you to do. They don't expect the public to come in and actually do something."

If your business, school, hospital, church or any entity wants this kind of training from DPS, Lt. Witt says he'll get you in touch with somebody who can provide it.

Email: Kenneth.Witt@dps.texas.gov

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