Floydada ISD considers arming teachers

Floydada ISD considers arming teachers

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Just last week, Floydada ISD joined the long list of school districts dealing with violent threats. Former student, Noah Sarabia now faces a terroristic threat charge after posting on snap chat about shooting up the school. 

After the Parkland shooting, Superintendent Gilbert Trevino consulted with the school's resource officer. That was before the directed threat at the school. 

"If you would of asked me two weeks ago, no Floydada ISD would never go through something like that," Trevino said. "But, it happened to us. So I think that's the approach that most districts need to take, is that they need to be pro-active and realize that something bad can happen in our schools regardless of the size." 

The district's now in the preliminary stages of implementing a new policy, allowing teachers with a license to carry to bring their firearm into the classroom.

"Of course they would need to pass some type of mental health survey and somebody I envision carrying in our district is somebody who works well under pressure," Trevino said. "For example coaches, would be an ideal market."

Trevino said that having a sign outside the school, stating that there is armed teachers would possibly deter shooters.

"We all want to see the same thing," Trevino said. "We want to ensure that our students are safe and if this is one thing to do so, I really don't see anybody arguing that." 

In addition to arming staff, Trevino is currently looking into the Alice Training Program, which prepares teachers and students to respond to an active shooter.  Ultimately, he said it is up to the board on implementing these procedures. 

"Not only will we survey our parents and our community but our staff as well to see if this is something Floydada ISD needs to strongly consider," Trevino said.

He said it should vary district to district whether to allow teachers to carry.  In our area, New Deal and Roosevelt ISD already have a similar policy in place. 

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