Sit down interview with College GameDay half court shooter

Sit down interview with College GameDay half court shooter

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Every College GameDay show includes a student fan who gets the chance to earn $18,000 by making a half court shot.

Texas Tech freshman, Mikayla Burres, was the fan selected for the once in a lifetime opportunity while the show was in Lubbock.

"We were at the line to get into the arena and this lady asked us if there were any females that had ever made a half court shot before.. and so she picked me and one of my friends and 10 other girls and we went and had these tryouts if you will. I was one of the closest so I ended up doing the half court shot," said Burres. "I wasn't really nervous.. I mean I was super excited because I grew up watching GameDay and so being able to see Jay and Rece and all those guys I was like, this is huge!"

ESPN announcer, Jay Williams, gave Burres advice to just keep shooting and not to look at the ball. She had eighteen seconds to take as many shots as possible. She took five, but didn't make any. However, she still went home with $1,800 for participating.

"It was the best weekend of my life, honestly," claimed Burres.

Burres has been going to basketball games all season long. "I think Coach Beard has done a great job of changing the program up.. I think he's going to be outstanding," said Burres. "I think College GameDay is coming back again."

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