Arrington says 'brokenness' in society is the problem, not guns

Arrington says 'brokenness' in society is the problem, not guns

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Lubbock Congressman Jodey Arrington says he's open to improving laws against issuing threats, but he says he wants to focus on the real problem.

The congressman says those mechanisms involve a properly armed populace and he's not willing to cave on protections for the Second Amendment.

"There's a brokenness in our society, there's a brokenness in our families, and that brokenness plays out in things like this," he said. "You make sure that mechanisms are in place to identify folks that are showing signs of instability, and maybe criminal and violent behavior, and you make sure that law enforcement is held accountable for engaging those folks."

When it comes to preventing an actual attack, Arrington says he won't sacrifice a "good guy's" constitutional rights to institute regulations that a criminal would just ignore.

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