Arrington touts GOP tax cuts with local business leaders

Arrington touts GOP tax cuts with local business leaders

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Lubbock Congressman Jodey Arrington is on House recess and spending his time in the district touting the GOP's success at passing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

He took his message first to the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce at a listening session with business owners and chamber members.

Then a stop at Happy State Bank to join its announcement implementing big pay raises thanks to the tax reform package.

The bank's minimum wage is now $14 an hour, and chairman J. Pat Hickman says that can be a life changing raise.

"I don't know how some of our single moms making $18,000 a year, young folks making $18,000 year, I don't even know how they're hardly making it; it was just workin' on us, we've gotta take better care of those folks, so that's why we did it," Hickman said. "It was really a simple decision."

Hickman says about a third of the bank's savings thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is going directly to its employees, while the other two-thirds are going to its investors as dividends.

Arrington meets with Polish ag representatives at Bayer Museum 

Arrington also joining a panel discussion with ag representatives from Poland at the Bayer Museum of Agriculture.

The delegates toured the facility and discussed the importance of agricultural production to the world's two largest economies -- the U.S.'s and the European Union's.

"We're only here two days but we met a lot of fantastic people and we saw very interesting things," the ag representative said. "We discovered some new things that we could implement in Poland."

She says there will be a future cooperation with the Texas A&M AgriLife extension service that will create a bridge between Texas and Poland, exchanging knowledge of agriculture.

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