Lubbock Codes Department works to keep Lubbock clean

Lubbock Codes Department works to keep Lubbock clean

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The Lubbock Code Enforcement Department is made up of eighteen Inspectors who are each in charge of eleven square miles around Lubbock.

The Director of the department said they need help from neighbors. That way they can have an easier time keeping up with all of the violations.

"We encourage citizen input," said Stuart Walker. "We encourage calling in complaints. It kind of works the same way the Police Department does. We respond to those calls and look at those areas the citizens are calling about."

The City of Lubbock Mayor, Dan Pope wants the department to be proactive because he believes that is what will make homeowners happy.

"Most often these codes calls are related to neighborhoods and people not taking care of their property, junk vehicles or not mowing their grass or substandard housing," said Pope.

Codes is going through "Neighborhood Deployments" where they perform thorough inspections and inform residents of violations. They recently visited Clapp Park where they collected twenty-one and a half tons of junk and debris.

"Getting out and talking to these people and putting these things out that people don't normally think about raises the awareness," said Walker.

The city has seen the deployment work be successful before and the Mayor said he is excited to see it continue.

"It just proves up the fact that there's a lot of work to be done. I like the creativity in those blitzes," said Mayor Pope.

Members of the City Council think neighbors need to have more respect for one another. They also said the City and Codes Department need inform the public what a violation consists of.

"It's only when a service is needed or they notice a violation in their neighborhood that they reach out."

Codes is training a couple more inspectors, which will decrease the coverage to seven to eight square miles per inspector. 

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