Council looking to improve animal shelter system

Council looking to improve animal shelter system

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City Council is looking for options to improve the Lubbock Animal Shelter system.

Council discussed Thursday how the shelter can eliminate the number of animals it has to put down. That means 90 percent of the animals would have to be claimed, adopted or sent to rescue shelters.

Right now, animals whose ownership can't be determined are kept for three days then either sent to a rescue group, selected for adoption or are euthanized. The euthanization rate is 70 percent.

A group of Texas Tech doctoral students working with the shelter to try to develop "best practices" to foster adoption.

"A lot of people think that the culture here, being in West Texas, that that's not something achievable, but it really is," Kelsea Brown said. "We see it happen across the country in other communities that are just like ours, so if we really follow the steps and work together as a community, that's something we can achieve relatively quickly, it's not going to be overnight, but it doesn't have to be years either."

Brown says the popularity of adoption events beyond brick and mortar shelters is making adoption much more accessible.

The students are also collecting data on how best to present pets for adoption at both in - and out-of - shelter events.

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