Facebook seeing positive results in AI-based suicide prevention

Facebook seeing positive results in AI-based suicide prevention effort

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Facebook is using Artificial Intelligence and algorithms to help spot users who may be suicidal.

In 2017 the company added technology that flagged posts with expressions of suicidal thoughts. The enhanced program is currently flagging twenty times more cases of suicidal thoughts for content reviewers.

Bobby Carter with Star Care says the signs are out there.

 "Someone posting that they're feeling hopeless or expressing their love and gratitude for people helping them through a difficult time, apologizing, saying 'I'm sorry for doing this' or 'I'm sorry that it's come to this.' That kind of thing," he said. "Almost kind of saying their goodbyes, so anything that resembles some type of phrase or statement involving that tends to throw up the flare that this person might need some type of help."

The A.I. detection has had quantifiable results, with the company reporting the number of users who see support content for suicide prevention has doubled since the company switched to the detection system.

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