Xcel Energy assisting Puerto Rico with ongoing power outages aft

Xcel Energy assisting Puerto Rico with ongoing power outages after Maria

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A request was sent out to the Xcel Energy to assist ongoing power outages in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria made landfall.  Xcel Energy provides the energy that power millions of homes and businesses across eight Western and Midwestern states.

"Its a voluntary program to where utilities across the country can assist each other in events of large magnitude storm events, natural disasters, to where certain areas are hit hard and we can send resources to help out," said Casey Meeks, director of engineering and construction for distribution for south Texas.

Earlier this month, Xcel Energy trucks left for Puerto Rico and are now on their way to the island. 

"We are sending about 55 line resources," said Meeks, "along with support staff which would include management fleet resources, safety personal, and that sort of thing." 

Kent Larson, executive vice president and group president, operations-Xcel Energy, said, Xcel wants to relieved the same quality of service to citizens in Puerto Rico. This is a massive undertaking of difficult circumstances, but our crews are to bring power back on safely.

"Our linemen are very proud of their trade, proud of their craft, and proud of their abilities to be able to work with the electricity safely, something that not everyone can do," Meeks said, "and they are happy to go where ever it takes them to help people in need and to support the efforts to get people back into power."

Xcel Energy crews are expected to work in Caguas, where the storm came inland and the damage is significant. At the end of the month, the crews will fly to Puerto Rico to work with incident management teams that have partnered with the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) on restoration efforts.

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