Junked vehicles continue to be a problem in Lubbock

Junked vehicles continue to be a problem in Lubbock

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Dealing with junked and abandoned vehicles within city limits is a constant for code enforcers. Any vehicle on private property that may be inoperable with an expired registration, wrecked, dismantled or discarded and has not been moved for more than thirty days is considered a junk vehicle. 

"So when we find those vehicles we contact the property owner give them an opportunity to bring the vehicle into compliance," said Stuart Walker, Code Enforcement Director for the city of Lubbock. "If they do not we have a public hearing that issues tow orders and we actually tow those vehicles." 

The city of Lubbock's code enforcement has to follow a process before a vehicle can be removed from the owners possession.

"After the hearing there would be an appeal process if they filed in court that is the way they can appeal it," said Walker. "We generally try and work with people who have an interest in a vehicle, if someone wants to save their vehicle they will get it running." 

The issue of junked vehicles is fairly common in Lubbock, averaging between one hundred to two hundred cases a month. The city's biggest concern with junked vehicles is that they can be a safety hazard and welfare nuisance for the general public. There is the potential for vandalism, fire hazards and environmental issues.

Walker said when a vehicle is towed it is kept at the impound yard for ten days giving the owner an opportunity to reclaim it. After ten days a crush order is placed and the vehicle will than be parted out. The vehicle identification is then non existent. 



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