Man gets 12 years for robbing woman at gunpoint

Man gets 12 years for robbing woman at gunpoint

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A man will spend 12 years in prison for robbing a woman at gunpoint.

Ramiro Sistos, Jr., 37, confronted Kathie Orser outside her home in October 2016. Investigators report Sistos and his brother forced her to go to an ATM, but she failed to withdraw any cash. Sistos then robbed her of knives and jewelry. 

During the punishment phase of the trial, Orser told the jury she's too scared to leave her house at night. She says she still suffers nightmares and checks over her shoulder all the time.

On the stand Sistos admitted to the robbery, taking full responsibility. But he denies ever pointing his gun at her.

He says he was broke, using crack cocaine at the time, and had hoped to win money at a game room that night, instead of robbing somebody.

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