Fire crews extinguish blaze near Mackenzie Park

Fire crews extinguish blaze near Mackenzie Park

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With all the wind we're expecting Wednesday, Lubbock Fire Rescue urges you to please not burn anything outside tomorrow. And make sure you're not tossing out lit cigarette butts.

Today investigators have to put out a blaze near Mackenzie Park.

It got dangerously close to a lot of brush which would have made it so much worse.

In response to the threat Wednesday and Thursday, there are going to be more fire fighters on the clock.

"If it's going to be a real bad day and conditions are dry, then we'll make sure that we have extra engines on duty just in case," Kevin Ivy said. "Even if you don't have a grass fire, you have the house fires, with the 30 mile per hour wind that could actually blow it to the house right next door to 'em. So if there's points we'll actually send extra pieces of apparatus to a house fire than we normally would, just for the fact of the high winds."

Even though Lubbock County is not under a burn ban, if the National Weather Service issues a red flag warning there's no outdoor burning allowed.

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