Leach suit accuses Texas Tech of withholding public records

Leach suit accuses Texas Tech of withholding public records

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 A consulting firm representing Mike Leach has filed suit against Texas Tech.

It's urging the court to force the school to pay $100,000 and asks the judge to compel the university to hand over any and all public records regarding Leach's firing in 2009.

The plaintiffs claim Tech's intentionally broken the Texas Public Information Act by withholding correspondence from an October 2017 request.

"We're calling on Texas Tech today to not spend a single dime of taxpayer money -- or the kids' tuition money -- to fight the release of records that will finally tell the truth about what happened." attorney Wayne Dolcefino said. "There's going to be a stain on this university until they do that."

The university fired Mike Leach in 2009 "with cause."

Leach has since sued the university for about $2.4 million he claims the university owes him for breach of contract.

The plaintiffs claim Tech has only released 312 out of nearly 1,800 pages of documents relevant to the university's investigation and termination.

Read the lawsuit in its entirety below: 

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