Local teen finds strength through music during cancer

Local teen finds strength through music during cancer

This past summer 14 year old Tyzale realized something wasn't right on his body.

"I had like this big ole lump on my neck," Tyzale said. 

He went to Covenant to get it checked, then doctors called his dad, Timme Briggs, with the results.

"And he told me and I was like oh, that's not good," Tyzale said.

Tyzale was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

"When you hear that 'c' word, it's like whoa. You know, I don't think someone has a cure for it just yet. So it's like okay what do we do?" asked Timme.

Doctors recommended a three month chemo plan for Tyzale, he started it with a positive attitude too.

"I'm still gonna be happy, I'm still gonna be me, ya know, whether I'm sick or not. I'm going to have the same personality I've always had." Tyzale said.

That attitude runs in the family.

"We took this as we aren't going to be scared of this, we're just gonna go all the way through it," Timme said. 

But there was something besides the chemo and positive attitudes that helped Tyzale tremendously through this journey...

"Music helped me a lot.... sometimes with the chemo and stuff, I wouldn't be able to get up, so I used to have my ukulele sitting by my bed so I would play that," Tyzale said. 

During his weekly visits for chemo, he was also learning how to play guitar from Covenant Children's Music Therapy Intern Molly Taylor 

"Music is just a big part of who he is as a person, so through music therapy he got to maintain his identity of who he is through his whole treatment process," Taylor said. 

"And it just brought me back to a place where you know everything is going to be okay," Tyzale said.

He said his journey is like a song.

"You know how songs last three minutes... it may be a sad song but it's not going to last forever," Tyzale said.

After three months of treatment the Briggs walked into Covenant Children's...

"They had streamers on the ceiling and a big ole poster on the wall, Tyzale said.

A celebration because he was cancer free! And through all of that the Briggs have some advice.

"I know it's scary, but one thing about Covenant and this team that they have here, they make you feel like this is nothing. They make you feel like you're coming in to get a flu shot," Timme said.

"So don't be scared of it, go in head first and have a good attitude about it... and everything is gonna be okay," Tyzale said.

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