New Deal EMS signs off after lack of funding

New Deal EMS signs off after lack of funding

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NEW DEAL, Texas -

A shrinking budget and a lack of volunteers is to blame for New Deal losing its EMS service. 

"It became very difficult for those of us that volunteer to commit to 12 hour shifts and be stuck in New Deal," said Randy Teeter, New Deal Volunteer Fire Chief. "We finally just decided that we can't do this. We have to have paid personnel and basically checking all our resources and everything there was just no funding for that."

Now instead of having a local paramedic take you to the hospital Teeter said you will get New Deal Fire Dept. first responder. 

"It's going to be the same as it was before we're just going to look different," he said. "We're going to show up in a pick up rather than a truck, a ambulance. then an ambulance is going to show up that says something else on the side of it."

He said despite the loss of service, residents do not need to worry.

"I think it's something the people will not even notice. I think the people in our community are still going to have good quality medical services like they always had but as quick as it ever was. In fact I think the fact that we'll be able to respond as that first responder as a one man unit and not wait for the two man unit in the ambulance before we could roll I think we may even decrease our wait times as you would say."

As with all new programs Teeter said it will take some time to have everything running smoothly. He suspects once the model is polished it will be used widely across the state.

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